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Lip Service: All that shimmers by Kat St. John

What time is it?
OH YEAH! It's that time when I blog about the items I shopped for and discussed on Beauty Tips & Bullshit! This week we did a LIVE review on our Facebook Fan Page.

BTW Are you tuning in? You should be.
Every Podcast/ Live video we put on, we review two (or if youre Anne - TEN) items that neither of us have seen the other one purchase, or talked about it. When you hear us chatting about the products, we are seriously Johnny-on-the-spot, looking at these items for the very first time. (OR NOT)

Here is the cool thing about Anne and I (and why we are doing this), is that while we are very much alike, we are SO different in what catches our eye. When I listen back to our conversations, I love hearing why we both like a certain item(s) and what draws us to these things.

This week, I made the conscious decision to shop like a consumer.
To look in a store the way someone who doesn't do/ know/ care about makeup would approach products. Sorry (in advance) if these seem "kitchy" or "weird" for a makeup artist to love, but you should also know I am not sorry.

First things first, why I gravitated to these products: because it's winter and I see alot of dry lips in my chair. I know that dry/ chapped lips are totally a thing, BUT IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE!

I have been wanting to try GlamGlow TOTALLY worth the $$ - it was NOT on sale. I don't even care.


This is a lip exfoliator!
When you open the top, it has a nice helping of a vanilla-mint flavored scrub you apply to your lips.


Pro Tip: 

A little goes a LONG way
Apply around the dry areas, scrub or lightly massage (depending on your dryness) and then rinse for the FIZZ. When you're done, your lips are SO soft, leaving a nice finish of minty balm. I recommend using this at night after you brush your teeth and are about to head to bed. Recommended use 2-3 times a week.


Then there were these holographic bags with really cool looking lipsticks in them.
Uh yeah, totally got drawn in......but didnt want to open the packaging because, I am nice (and dont want to piss off the sales people in a store). Lo and behold, the lovely human helping me saw how interested I was and didn't hesitate to crack open the packaging for me to take a peek. Winky Lux? I had never heard of this company but hell, why not try them? These look awesome! 

I need to correct myself here - these aren't lipsticks, they're lip balms that came in a set of 3 for the holiday. They happened to be marked down and (duh) the thing that attracted me was the holographic bag BUT also, the tubes. They're rounded and they don't sit up right. They also are shorter than normal tubes AND they are lip stains. They certainly didn't look like stains, but after swatching them on my hands. THEY TOTALLY ARE! #ImABeliever

The tube you see photographed next to the trio is part of the Winky Lux Candy Kiss Kiss Proof set (but I broke the pencil so I just ran with the liquid lipstick), which I also tried.
It is your typical long wear - totally stays on, kiss proof, dry, matte. Very good.
BUT these Winky Lux balms. They give me life.


In the Bag:

First tube, totally clear is The Flower Balm- is soooooo smooth. I love the feeling. This balm stain applies on clear then reacts with your skin's pH levels, uniquely creating the perfect shade of pink lips just for you. Each Flower Balm contains a real chrysanthemum in the color of your choice. 
Bonus: It reminds me of Bill Murray's bowling ball in King Pin. 

The middle is the 24K Gold Glitter Balm - turns a very light pink on me and also LOVE the way it shimmers. Sometimes glitter can be chunky and feel "off" but not this! And it gives a subtle glow to your look. Check out this video of it being applied : 

The Glimmer Balm Jelly Lipstick - Applies on clear reacting with your skin's pH levels to create your perfect shade of pink infused with a touch of galactic holographic glimmer to don the lips of all you beautiful unicorns.

This product when combined with the liquid lipstick stays on quite a while, and definitely helps with the dryness, warned that the long-wear is no longer kiss-proof. It WILL come off. BUT there is no feathering, lips feel nice and you get to add a tiny bit of glitter/ gloss to your matte look while keeping that pout pretty and hydrated.

Thanks for reading, shoot me a comment or questions if you have them!