Kat's Last Minute Christmas Picks! by Kat St. John

Attention: We have 11 days til' Santa comes to town! 

I went shopping the other day and happened to stumble on a bunch of killer deals I wanted to share with you. Here are a few of my favorites I spotted while in the store. It took all of my will to not buy ALL OF THEM.

Mario Badescu Rose Water! It is my absolute favorite product for prepping my clients. I carry this in my kit, and whats even better is that it's affordable! Right now Ulta has a set of 3 different sizes (S, M + L) for $24 OR you can snag just a small one for $7. GREAT Stocking stuffer. 
PRO TIP: Stick an extra bottle in the fridge during the summer - when you get overheated, have a bit of a sunburn, lightly spritz on the face for a cooling effect and light hydration!

Burts Bee's tinted and Non-Tinted Chapstick - Another awesome stocking stuffer, for either guys OR Gals. My hubby works in the elements everyday, I totally bought him a set of 4 for him to have all year round! 

NYX -  Has some really beautiful holiday palettes right now and some pretty amazing lip sets - like the Meet the Metallics Lip Vault *SWOON*. One palette that stood out to me was the Ultimate Multi-Finish Shadow Palette ! Something fun (and practical) for the makeup junkie in your house - versatile mix of Mattes and Shimmer, not TOO over the top so it can be used all year round and you can easily play it up for a special occasion. 

Real Techniques - SPONGES!!! These sponges have been tested by me and I loved them! For a set of two - it is a great deal. The Miracle Complexion Sponge was my favorite. Easy to use for foundation application, contour and getting into those hard to reach places. Just make sure to wash your sponge in soap + Hot water at LEAST twice a week. A good soap to use would be most brush cleaning solutions (for use under water) like their Deep Cleansing Gel! Your sponge will hold up better and your face will thank you! 

Loreal' Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara - I use the Regular Voluminous Lash Waterproof in my kit for clients. But THIS packaging looks so pretty! I would love to have that on my counter. Plus - the mascara is awesome and not too expensive!

Makeup Remover and Facial Wash - There are so many brands out there that I can recommend, but I am going to keep this easy for ya'll. Last year Micellar water was all the rage, I wasn't so sure that I was sold on it and then I found myself in a pinch! While traveling for work.......I didnt have any makeup remover and I was in a small town with only had a drug store near by. We swung by, picked up some Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water. 
MAGIC. I highly recommend you wash your face after using this to remove the initial makeup. But when youre in need of something quick, this is the stuff.

This is a tiny drop in the bucket, ULTA has a TON of great holiday sets and sales going on right now. I highly suggest you check them out for your loved ones and maybe a couple of gifts for yourself. I hope this helped give you some ideas for last minute stocking stuffers. Please feel free to drop a comment/ question if you have any!

Happy Holidays to you and yours. XOXOXO