On Location Makeup

Winter Elopement by Kat St. John

Some people wonder if we do elopements, the answer is YES! Not everything has to be a huge wedding or event. While that is most of our "bread and butter", there is something more fulfilling when doing a small party, or a "Bride Only" job. It feels nice to switch things up.

Two things about this particular elopement: 
1. It was my first elopement so I was VERY excited to see what an elopement was like! Weddings are based around your photographer's timeline, and so are elopements....however, this was so much more laid back. So relaxed, I was almost scared I was missing something. 

2. We didn't have a trial run together. This was also something foreign to me! Kind of like a Bridal Blind Date.....I have to say, it was kind of exciting to see what we would come up with.  

When I arrived, the bride met me out front of the cutest Bed and Breakfast, we quickly made it up to her suite where they were getting ready. It was just Me, the Bride and her Mom.

Since we had a relaxed timeline, most of it was spent time chatting, talking about everything and just enjoying the presence of people and authentic emotion. No Phones, no TV, just human interaction. I sure do hope Eloping is in for a while. This was such a joy to do. 

Photos: Toni Christine | TCP

Love is Love by Kat St. John

Last week I made the long haul to Bend, Oregon to do a trial run for not one, but TWO brides. Two brides who are madly in love with each other and are so incredibly excited to celebrate it in front of all of their friends and family. 

During our current political situation, I am sure you can imagine how scary this must be for two women planning the rest of their lives together. With that being said, they poured that energy into planing their wedding day, regardless of what the outcome. Nothing can stop the power of positivity. 

I am proud to be an artist who serves ALL Communities, ALL Genders and people from ALL walks of life. Yes, I am a makeup artist but above all else, I am a humanitarian.

Love is Love! 

Photography: PNWportraiture.com

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