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The Podcast is Back! by Kat St. John

Ever want to know what we do as Makeup Artists? I know, I know….yes, we do makeup. BUT there is so.much.more.

This week’s podcast we talk about our adventures and what we’ve have been up to for the last year. Like our Travels, Impromptu shopping trips during Pride in NYC & getting lost, Bridal Suite stories, (mine is more of a horror story….) a Haunted house we stayed in and some ghost hunting!

See? It is more than just Makeup.

Make sure to tune in to hear more about our favorite products, tips on how to do a smokey eye and more! Follow the link below - and BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE BLOG! Thats where all of ll of those delicious products we mentioned are listed with the links to purchase. <3

Clean brushes and the pursuit of clear skin. by Kat St. John

We are all human, right? We sweat, have dry or oily skin, break out sometimes, even as a 34 year old woman like myself.

Often times you turn to a facial cleanser or a toner. Maybe there was this super cool mask that you found at Sephora, or you saw some kind of "Hack" on You tube where a girl got some baking soda and coconut oil to make a scrub (hey, it could happen....) and needed to try it because you were sick of conforming to "Expensive products that don't do anything". 

Here is a hint!
Look at your sponge.
Look at your brushes.
Are they dirty?
When was the last time you washed them? And I mean REALLY washed them, under running hot water with soap.
*Cups ear to hear better* When was that?

OK so, lets have a conversation about this.

No facial product, not even unicorn tears can bring you back from a terrible break out if you continue to put a dirty brush to your face. Thats like taking a shower just to go outside and jump in the mud. Makes no sense, right? But it's really common. 

When you have dirty brushes, here are a few things that can happen. 

-break outs (duh)
-Skin irriatation/ dryness
-Infections like Staph, Strep, Ecoli, Fungus and viruses.
You may have heard the story of the Australian woman who contracted a staph infection after sharing a makeup brush with a friend, leaving her paralyzed in the legs and arms.
- Make your makeup look bad (Definitely not as horrible as the risks listed above, right?)

For personal use, you should be washing your brushes AT LEAST once a week. A professional makeup artist should be washing them after every job, wedding, client etc. 

This brings me to my closing statement.

When you are hiring a makeup artist, ask them about their sanitary practices. Ask what tools they use and really take your time. When an artist is confident in their cleanliness, they will have no problem going over your concerns.

Cleanliness is not a preference, it is a necessity for your health and safety.


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