Makeup Artists, More Than Just Makeup. / by Kat St. John

I am not boastful or anything buuuuut, my job is better than your job.

Blogging is a fun(ny) thing. Sometimes I sit and watch something that inspires me and I have an intense, internal monologue. That ‘s the exact moment I think “I am going to blog this”. Cant. Wait. Must. Blog.
Grab my laptop and sit down.

Open up the screen - Blank. I go blank.

Surely there is SOMETHING I do that is worth writing about, right? I mean, we have this job that we get paid for that is based on making people feel confident, meet new and interesting people ( I CHOOSE to work with) on the daily. Hi, we make our own schedules!

Some mornings I spend with a piping cup of black coffee in hand, listening to NPR and watching everyone trot off to their desk jobs at 9:00am while I check my email in Pajamas. I certainly don’t miss sitting at a desk all day with people I am forced to be around.


This January I had the opportunity to work with a local photographer (Rebecca Tulloch) shooting a series of Boudoir sessions for their “Rare by Rebecca” brand (Jeff and Rebecca Photography). That day I styled 6 gorgeous women, 3 were clients (and some future brides) and the other 3 were models. All of whom I was so grateful to work with! There was even a Couple’s Boudoir session that I was particularly excited about because, hey-yo double sexy.

Typically when we work with Models we use the images for content on social media and this is a perfect shoot for me. Going through these images and re-living that day, I realized this was not only great for posting on the Gram but VERY blog worthy.

If you know me, you know that I heavily push “Personal Service” as a part of my brand. Boudoir is exactly that, a personal service. Connecting one on one with a client before a session, hell, a very vulnerable session like this; is where we really flex our skills as makeup artists. Putting the client at ease before their shoot. I know I am not the only one who talks about this being a HUGE part of our job. (Around 75% No Joke). There have been so may photographers and clients I have heard say, “The makeup artist was nice, and their work was good but they just didn’t talk and that was really uncomfortable”.

OK Y’all, how does one sit in front of your face and you just DON’T talk? Yeah, I would be weirded out too.

By connecting, we prime clients for their shoot. By the time they’ve been pampered, they’re comfortable, happy, they’ve talked through their fears or excitement of their shoot and we are there to assure them that they will be taken care of. Distract them by talking about popular lipstick brands or their favorite documentary that’s on Netflix right now. Shoot, maybe your makeup artist has had their photos taken! You may never know until you sit in that chair, but in the end, what matters the most is your comfort.

Makeup artists are worth so much more than just makeup.