Halloween in NOLA! / by Kat St. John


New Orleans. Its humid, green and swampy and I left with some bug bites (OK like, 15) but I love it.

My dear friend Anne had us out to help her style some pretty fantastic clients! Services included - Drag Makeup for Madonna and Brittany Spears. Then we split up - Caught an Uber to hotel where I met a beauty to do Witches’ ball Makeup and a Couple of Vampires for the Ball!

At the end of the day, we are so much more than just bridal, commercial and beauty makeup. Sometimes we get to have fun with it. And even though MY makeup wasn’t as special FX, I still got to do something other than dewy skin and a neutral lip. (There is NOTHING wrong with that btw)

Our first clients: Brittany and Madonna from the 2003 VMA Music awards.
Brittany’s Makeup by Anne Timss
Madonna’s Makeup by Kat St. John
Wig Styling - Jess Rockwell


The 2nd client was going to the Witches’s ball. This is an event where people fly in from all over the united states to attend. This Witch happens to be from Dallas, TX. She and her beau were in from out of town for the event. The costumes are always to die for! One of the downsides of having so many clients is we miss seeing them all dressed up. Thankfully, this client snapped a couple of selfies of her costume all put together.


Did you know these Galas have dress codes and very strict guidelines? Its CRAZY! But I LOVE the creativity and how people get so into it! These two Ghoulish vampires were dressed up for the Vampire’s ball AND in town for their wedding on the 2nd of Nov. Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!


The great thing about being an on Location Makeup artist is that our work takes us to so many interesting places! I will be posting more about our travels, but in the meantime. Keep us in mind for your 2019 Halloween Styling. We (our team) are planning to be back in New Orleans next year. Be sure to inquire as soon as you can, we already have bookings for next year!

Toodle-oo from your fav Ghouls!