New Year = New Dreams / by Kat St. John


As we enter the New Year - I am reminded of how incredibly lucky I am to be a successful working artist in this industry! 2017 was a phenomenal year for my brand, for my business and for my own personal growth. 

On top of all THOSE wonderful things, Anne Timss and I have partnered up and officially launched our new agency PaperdollsNW!!! This little carrot has been dangling in front of us for almost a year. We (actually, Anne did cause she is the Social media queen!) made our announcement yesterday and the support we have received is overwhelming. *I may or may not have teared up.....*

What does this mean for Kat St. John Makeup & Styling? I am still my own brand! Anne is hers too! During the last year we really didn't like to say "No" to folks inquiring about work. Why not pass that work onto an artist who may need the $$ or experience? Plus, who doesn't like working with amazing people? I mean, lets be real. Our team is full of RAD artists.

My (personal) big push in Anne's and my joint venture is community, education and setting people on a path for success. Through Paper Dolls NW, newer artists can "earn while they learn". The best kind of experience! Makeup artistry can be a hard industry to break into. 

I say that because of my own personal journey of working a desk job at UW Medical Center, Four ten hour days as a General Anesthesia Coordinator + Freelancing on evenings and weekends.
How long did I do this? EIGHT YEARS. Folks, burn.out.happens. It is REAL, but totally avoidable. THIS is why I am pushing for mentorship, interning and assisting opportunities for new artists. A lot of us feel "stuck" in our jobs, or its too "Scary" to make the jump, and we stay way too long. 

Is it scary?
No. It isnt. You just haven't been pointed in the right direction. xoxoxo