My day with Naked Truth Beauty / by Kat St. John

Your'e about to read up on all of these products. I put on my face. And I LOVED THEM.

Your'e about to read up on all of these products. I put on my face. And I LOVED THEM.

Last week (If you follow me on instagram - @ms.kitten) you probably saw that I was on Vashon Island for the day. While I do LOVE Vashon Island, I was not there for the day to have "fun", although I did have alot of it. There was a teensy bit of work, (I fit in some shopping too at Herban Bloom, my FAV place to get Paddywax + other local treats) and wonderful talks with Lauren - my client for the day from Naked Truth Beauty! 

Holy moly, this lady is a WEALTH of information, and talking product with her is just fascinating. I love her dedication to eco friendly packaging, and making a solid product that is natural and appeals to the masses. 

I had the honor of using / testing out her products for our shoot, and I CANNOT wait to see the images. One bonus to collaborating with awesome makers is getting a few things to try out on your own! Of course, I promptly went home and thought hard about how I was going to showcase this product. The best way? Photos. 


Look how darling this packaging is! I managed to stare at them for a few minutes (ok more like almost an hour) trying to figure out how to describe them. Instead, I snagged this description from her website since there is a whole section about it!! 

ALL of our product packaging - from padded envelopes to stickers - is recyclable, biodegradable, compostable, or all of the above!

Product tubes are made of 100% paperboard that is renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable – and made in the USA.

As a consumer, I appreciate the feeling of not contributing to so much waste. Each of these came with really neat instructions that I appreciated so much. 

Pro tip : Most cremes, eyeliners, or anything that will melt, will become hard when it is cold. I found that with these cremes, I scoop a little bit, smear it on the back of my hand and work it until it because smooth and easy to blend. 

Pro tip: Most cremes, eyeliners, or anything that will melt, will become hard when it is cold. I found that with these cremes, I scoop a little bit, smear it on the back of my hand and work it until it because smooth and easy to blend. 

When choosing what to bring home to try, it was so hard. Do I make the decision based on what I would want to try? Do I want to try EVERYTHING and do an "Unconventional" post about how to use products in other ways? Nah. I just picked what I thought was the prettiest and most versatile and I was not disappointed


I am going to start with eyes, because that is the the process in which I do makeup for myself and on all of my clients. 


Bend & Snap






Such a beautiful wash of rose gold on
your lid. Subtle and glowy.

To Purchase: Follow this link.

















A PERFECT contour for the lid,
Smoky eye or even pop some
under your cheekbones for some
facial contour. (I may or may
not have done this....)

To purchase Megara: Follow this Link.

NEXT ARE MY TWO FAV THINGS IN THE WORLD! Highlighter AND Multi-use products. 
Ok so, heres the thing. We all want to be beautiful, but product costs can add up. And I feel that it is kind of unnecessary to always buy ONE thing PER function. Like, we can get a little more creative with our looks on top of being conscious of the waste we create and saving space. Right?


Arwen is the Bomb












Arwen is what every person who loves highlighter LIVES FOR!! #Gimmethatdew

Creamy, light, and versatile! You can seriously put this everywhere on your face. It is light, transparent and shimmery (dewy) without flecking AKA Visual Glitter. I popped this on the bridge of my nose, brow bone, all up and down my cheek bones, chin and on the top of my lip. So,ummmmmm basically everywhere that caught light. My husband came in from a long day of work and said "Man, your skin looks amazing right now". YEP it did! And all thanks to ARWEN! 

To purchase Arwen: Follow this Link.

















I loved Lumos for the same reasons I loved Arwen. However, you do get a golden glow from this product, and it is good for almost ALL skin tones. This is something for a new mom, or person-on-the-move who wants to make their face look fresh, warm and clean. Love Love Love the pigment, not too heavy and not too light. Perfect golden glow.

To Purchase Lumos: Follow this Link.

Last but NOT least were the Lip & Cheek tubes. Now, these happen to be my absolute favorite thing from NTB and I will tell you why. 1. Versitility (duh) 2. They are creme blushes AAAAAAND they're amazing for lips. BUT thats isnt the only reason I am excited, I contoured with these bad boys on my OWN face. Heres the thing though. I was having a really bad hair day, I really dont like taking selfies of myself and by the end of the 8 hour day photographing product, applying it on my face and making notes....I was toast. BUT I did want to shout from the mountain tops about this and give some pointers on how to use this even MORE than just lip and cheek because I love to play with product. Even more when it is a creme!


After I applied gobs and gobs of highlighter to my face (Yeah, I like dewy skin......what?) I finished off with Carrie on my cheek bones. Carrie is a beautiful deep red, that comes out a beautiful wash of dark pink. I first applied this to my hand and really worked it. Then located the apple of my cheek, and blended down. This creates your "Natural Flush" rather than a streak going up to your temple. (Thanks 80's trends! But I think we can do without your makeup looks for life.)

After applying the carrie to the apples of my cheeks, I liberally applied Beauregarde to the lower cheek bones to contour and blended UPWARD. NOT towards my mouth. Make sure your colors connect and blend. I am a firm believer in contouring with blush when you can! I am very fair, and most times bronzer and other countour palettes just come out looking muddy on me, not to mention super obvious. I am ALL about natural beauty and enhancing what you have. Not everyone does well with browns on their face. 

If you are fair, THIS is your combo!!

I finished my look with Carrie on my lips, because Sex & the City. HUGE FAN. 

Thank you for reading, go give my girl Lauren some love on her instagram! To see her whole line of products (she does MORE than makeup) - go to her website!