Masks for days. / by Kat St. John


During our monthly podcast - Beauty Tips and Bullshit, I mentioned how much I love masks. And that I would be doing a blog. Well, here it is - two weeks later! IF you didn't catch us, then get on it! We have so many tips and tricks, product reviews and stories to share with you. Click on the Link to give it a listen! I promise, we are getting better. 

So, during this blog I am going to try and narrow down my list, in the last two months I have tried NINE different masks. I love all of them for different reasons, but I will list my four absolute favorites (in no particular order).

The first one I want to talk about is the Kiehl's Ultra facial overnight Hydrating Masque! Only because I JUST took a nice long bath and thought it was time to use this stuff, sit down and blog. Inspiration, if you will. 

To use this product, you literally just slather it on your face and then go to bed. I like to bring it down my neck and onto my chest for a little extra love in those areas. 

It is a little slimy, and then sticky at times but I have to say.....when I wake up in the morning, my skin feels like it is plump again. As though I had absolutely NO moisture in my skin before putting this on. You can FEEL the difference, and that means more to me than anything, I hate massive texture on my skin. My face is depressingly dry and it can get really scaly.

A+ for this easy to use product!


Easy Peasy.

Slather on face, and go to bed. No Brainer.

OK, so another thing you might have heard me mention on the podcast are these masks that Anne got me when she was traveling. Saborino Mezama Sheets. One of my favorites I EVER tried was this mask. When you read the packaging for the instructions it's a little......uh.......interesting. BUT they did have a photo diagram showing you how to apply it. Put 2 + 2 together, you get it.


The package above comes with five sheet masks and is resealable. Or you can get a larger pack that dispenses them for just a tad more money. I would definitely get the larger pack, and I'll tell you why. 

1.  These are gentle enough to use daily. Why not? Love the skin you are in.
2.  The effect is a light tingle with a nice cooling & brightening effect. It's a great pick me up in the morning, even if you skip your shower and is GREAT to use before applying your makeup. Good Skin Prep = Good Makeup. A nice addition to your daily routine. 

Next up is Dr. Jart - Pore Minimalist! I 100% LOVE their masks. They make a really great pore minimizing strip too but my personal favorite is the Pore Minimalist! You may have seen my blog about pore strips earlier. Like I mentioned before, I have lunar craters in my face (ok not really but they're super big pores) and anything that can help reduce them, I will gladly try. This mask definitely helped with minimizing the pores but not only that, it helped smooth the texture of my face.


Def. Fav.

Got huge pores?

Last but not least - TONYMOLY I'm Real Pearl Luminating Mask !

I swear this made my skin look like it was shimmering almost. Or maybe its just because I loved the idea of having pearl finish on my skin? It felt so good, and you know what? It is a really inexpensive treat. Give yourself an excuse to write in your journal, take a long bath, put up your feet and read a book. Hell, go try ALL of them! You're worth it.