Minimal beauty is in. / by Kat St. John

On occasion I will book a model to practice new makeup looks on.

A couple of weeks ago, I invited my friend Amelia over to do a quick makeup session and shoot some looks to help us build both of our portfolios.

We started off with a natural look, minimal makeup, airbrush with Temptu Hydralock and some dramatic blush/ bronzer. My intent was to make her look dramatic but soft. 

A couple things to keep in mind here is that you don't need a lot of makeup to achieve a look like this. I want to stress this because of trends that are raking in tons of money. Contour kits, strobing kits, highlighting kits, etc. People buying un necessary products to achieve looks you can accomplish with items you already have in your makeup bag! 

Products and application methods listed below the images below.

On Amelia's Eyelids is: 
Laura Mercier Eye Primer - Buff
Eyeshadow Crease - MAC Cosmetics: Saddle
Eyeshadow Browbone & Lid - MAC Cosmetics : Shroom
Eyeliner - Applied with a brow brush, and activated with a setting spray - MAC Cosmetics "Blackberry" 
Mascara: MAC Cosmetics Opulash

Amelias Face: 
Under Eye Concealer - NARS Radiant Creamy Conceler "Ginger"
Foundation - Temptu Hyrdralock #4
Blush - MAC Cosmetics "Breezy" I applied this along the back contour of her cheek and brough the pigment forward for warmth rather than color.
Bronzer - Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion Medium (on temple and only on the outer ridge of her cheek bone, down her jaw, in the shape of a 3) 
Lip - MAC Cosmetics Pro Long Lip Wear Liner  "In Control"
Brows: Anastasia powder "Soft Brown"

You don't need a ton of makeup for a full face. Ditch your contour kits, you don't need that. Buy a few shades that you will wear often and play with them. Combine at least three of the shades to create a look. A good rule of thumb is to buy three eyeshadows that are one to two shades lighter/ darker all in the same tones. 

Bronzer shouldn't be more than two shades darker than your current skin tone. This can also double as your contour. BLUSH CAN BE USED AS CONTOUR! Do it, you'll be surprised. 

Work with what you have, don't feel pressured to buy gimmicks, and other products that are specifically for ONE purpose and one purpose only.

Also, did you all notice that I didn't use any powder? Thats not a necessity, but a blog post for another day.