Beauty Shortcuts: Reduce Time Spent on your Routine! / by Kat St. John

Beauty on the go: Quick tips for an easy, everyday fresh face. 

Makeup is pretty simple (though I have a tendency to make it sound a bit more complicated). Theres 3 key ingredients to a good face of makeup.


#1 SKIN CARE: This is going to be your #1 priority at cutting down on time spent getting ready in the morning. I have a few tricks I am going to share with you. 

Don’t have time for Masks? Then I highly recommend Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask! Just make it part of your nightly routine! You simply wash your face, and then put a thin layer of this on before you go to sleep and leave it on all night. Just wash it off in the morning. Your face will feel soft and plump. I'd say as soft as a baby's butt, but more like a chubby baby cheek. ;) 



Have Tired Eyes? - While you’re brushing your teeth and doing your hair, slap a couple of these Patchology Flashpatch Rejuvenating 5 minute eye gels on your eyes. 5-10 minutes is all you need. I tried these when I was on a work trip in New Orleans, it was like Insta-botox! You can find these at Blue Mercury, Nordstrom or on their website:


*Another favorite is the Kiehls Facial Fuel Eye Depuffer - safe for everyday use. It has caffeine in the product which helps bring blood to the surface of the skin and reduce dark circles/ Puffy Eyes.



Sunscreen! - Not only do I use a sunscreen on my face and neck, (because I burn while driving just 5 minutes in the sun) BUT I also use it on my shoulders. Recently, I found this amazing SPF 50 makeup setting spray by SuperGoop. If you haven’t found an SPF moisturizer that you like, try this!

Tip: you are actually supposed to re-apply your sunscreen through out the day - this is a quick and easy way to keep your skin protected and not have to worry about taking time to re-apply. I like to keep some in the fridge for those really hot days - this setting spray has a minty finish to it. Wonderful for hot summer days!




#2 Keep it Simple- Most of us just want to look “Awake” and “fresh” in the morning, right? We want to look as though we got 9 hours of un interrupted sleep in a cloud with the perfect amount of blankets and room temperature. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. BUT that doest mean that it needs to take you an hour to get ready, it can take 10 minutes at most! 

TIP: Instead of a full coverage foundation, buy a concealer and thin it out with your favorite moisturizer and/ or illuminator for that flawless glow. In a hurry? Just pop a little concealer under your eyes (in the corners) blend outward and down towards the apple of your cheek. Put a little on your nose and chin, blend and run out the door. I personally choose NARS because their products are meant to be applied with your fingers. This also cuts down on the amount of brushes/ sponges you need to pack on a business trip or while traveling on vacation. 



NARS - Radiant Creamy Concealer - You don’t need a lot (a little goes a long way) and have more control over the amount of coverage. Not to mention, is compact and travels well!

TARTE Shape Tape - A bit more coverage and matte - doesn't mix AS well to create a tinted moisturizer but is excelled for dark circles. 

IT Cosmetics “Bye Bye UnderEye” - GREAT for those of us who get creasing or oily under the eyes - doesn’t move and is waterproof!


TIP: If you are a person who likes a more “Dewy” look to your makeup but doesn’t like how your eye makeup creases under your eyes - put just enough translucent powder on to set it, and only in places you may experience creasing.


#3 Double Duty Products are your friend - Products out there like Stila, have amazing lip/ cheek palates you can use on your face. Look for a lip/eye/cheek palate. 



SKIN TIP: There are also products that double as Primers AND concealer - Laura Mercier Eye Basics are GREAT primers for the days you have a big pimple and need a bit more than concealer to cover it up. Since these are skin tones, you can put them on the top of a blemish, let it dry and then apply a small amount of concealer that will.not.move. 



EYE TIP: Again, The Laura Mercier Eye Basics can be used as a primer for your eyes AND face. Who doesnt love that? I like to buy a pretty neutral brown eyeshadow that I can use both for eye shadow, Eyeliner and on my eyebrows! Cuts down on the amount I carry with me. Consider buying a double sided brush (shadow on one end and liner on the other) one less thing to pack.




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