An It Girl and her Nose Strip! / by Kat St. John

Did you get anything during the holidays and were pleasantly surprised? Well, this year I did and I am here to shout it from the rooftops (aka my blog)! As per usual, while Christmas shopping for other people, I was derailed by Ulta & decided to fit in a little "me time". For real, looking for gifts is hard work. 

OK first, I just want to say that I LOVE MASKS (seriously though, I have a problem) - there will be a blog about this soon. 

Another thing I am a huge fan of is that (oddly) satisfying feeling of dead skin and black heads being pulled from your pores. Before you go "Ewwwwww" I KNOW there are some of you out there who feel me on this. Gross? Maybe.

But for real, the Yes to Tomatoes clear skin 2 step nose kit is killer for the price! <------- (Link to my affiliate account)

Yes to .jpg

You'll see it is a 2 step system (most are). The top portion is a gel cleanser that comes with a really cool little half inch sponge on a stick and gel that you cleanse your nose with before applying the actual strip. This was a bit odd - but kind of awesome. I liked the idea of thoroughly cleansing the area before trying to extract/ exfoliate!

Now, the reason I said it was a bit odd is because, usually all strips I have tried in the past have a strip and then a 2nd follow up "Pore minimizer" strip. I have pores like freaking lunar craters, and minimizers RARELY are successful. But this one was different and I really liked it! Plus, the price is right.

Another fabulous item that I received as a gift from my MOM! She picked out this killer palette from It Cosmetics - It Girl.

LOOK AT IT!!!!&nbsp;


A. the packaging is SO pretty and sparkly!
B. The colors work for almost anyone. They're very pigmented, creamy and the shimmer actually doesn't have much fall out, which makes morning routines go quite a bit quicker. WIN!

Lets also talk about how pretty the ombre blush is! What I enjoyed most about the It Girl palette is how versatile it can be. That blush can be applied lighter and glowy with the highlighter, can JUST be highlighter or you can avoid the shimmer all together and keep a matte face. I give this 5 stars! This is my new fav of 2018 plus it has sentimental value because, mom always knows best. <3