Holiday Boudoir Event with a Gift! by Kat St. John

Long time no talk! Goodness, has it been since June? (Slacker)

Naturally, since my last blog post was right when peak wedding season hit and this one being posted right when the season has slowed down….the 4 month gap makes TOTAL sense. Weddings rule-all during the summer, but now is the time to dig in and plan for the holidays!

Speaking of Holidays, There is one holiday event I am particularly excited about participating in, and I cannot wait to share it with you!

Seattle Boudoir Makeup Artist:  Kat St. John    Amy Catherine Photography

Seattle Boudoir Makeup Artist: Kat St. John

Amy Catherine Photography

Holiday Boudoir Marathon 11/4/18

What is this? A Holiday Boudoir Marathon that Amy Catherine Photography and I are putting on November 4th? Well, it’s really Amy putting it on, she did most of the work. She crafted and built a KILLER set (see photos). I am just providing the beautification, but I digress.

When you sign up with Amy and mention you saw this blog/ any of my social media posts, you get a gift. A GIFT!

What could it be? A variety of Masks? Because, lets be real, I freaking love them and need to spread the good word. Is it a Lip exfoliator? Maybe! We are approaching the colder season! A cute cosmetic bag with your Makeup Artist’s favorite beauty items?

You wont know until you book! But I promise you, my gift giving skills are top notch.

Click on the link to book! Additional information about this session below:

“Amy is my favorite photographer because she is so good at making you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful! Kat and Amy are an incredible team who help you feel effortlessly feminine and sexy without being overly risqué and I would recommend this experience to anyone and everyone!”

Just for Her - intimate portraits

(Amy’s Studio in Seattle)

Gift these intimate portraits to someone you love or keep them for yourself (you’ll want to do both!)

Includes hair and makeup by Kat St. John, a 45-minute session with up to 3 outfit changes, and 5 of your most favorite images as an archival print.

$900 value for $497. Price will include sales tax when booking your session.

Wall art, albums, ornaments and gift prints are available for purchase during your separate viewing & ordering appointment.

If you would like to book a holiday boudoir session on a weekday in November, contact Amy.

Lip Service: All that shimmers by Kat St. John

What time is it?
OH YEAH! It's that time when I blog about the items I shopped for and discussed on Beauty Tips & Bullshit! This week we did a LIVE review on our Facebook Fan Page.

BTW Are you tuning in? You should be.
Every Podcast/ Live video we put on, we review two (or if youre Anne - TEN) items that neither of us have seen the other one purchase, or talked about it. When you hear us chatting about the products, we are seriously Johnny-on-the-spot, looking at these items for the very first time. (OR NOT)

Here is the cool thing about Anne and I (and why we are doing this), is that while we are very much alike, we are SO different in what catches our eye. When I listen back to our conversations, I love hearing why we both like a certain item(s) and what draws us to these things.

This week, I made the conscious decision to shop like a consumer.
To look in a store the way someone who doesn't do/ know/ care about makeup would approach products. Sorry (in advance) if these seem "kitchy" or "weird" for a makeup artist to love, but you should also know I am not sorry.

First things first, why I gravitated to these products: because it's winter and I see alot of dry lips in my chair. I know that dry/ chapped lips are totally a thing, BUT IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE!

I have been wanting to try GlamGlow TOTALLY worth the $$ - it was NOT on sale. I don't even care.


This is a lip exfoliator!
When you open the top, it has a nice helping of a vanilla-mint flavored scrub you apply to your lips.


Pro Tip: 

A little goes a LONG way
Apply around the dry areas, scrub or lightly massage (depending on your dryness) and then rinse for the FIZZ. When you're done, your lips are SO soft, leaving a nice finish of minty balm. I recommend using this at night after you brush your teeth and are about to head to bed. Recommended use 2-3 times a week.


Then there were these holographic bags with really cool looking lipsticks in them.
Uh yeah, totally got drawn in......but didnt want to open the packaging because, I am nice (and dont want to piss off the sales people in a store). Lo and behold, the lovely human helping me saw how interested I was and didn't hesitate to crack open the packaging for me to take a peek. Winky Lux? I had never heard of this company but hell, why not try them? These look awesome! 

I need to correct myself here - these aren't lipsticks, they're lip balms that came in a set of 3 for the holiday. They happened to be marked down and (duh) the thing that attracted me was the holographic bag BUT also, the tubes. They're rounded and they don't sit up right. They also are shorter than normal tubes AND they are lip stains. They certainly didn't look like stains, but after swatching them on my hands. THEY TOTALLY ARE! #ImABeliever

The tube you see photographed next to the trio is part of the Winky Lux Candy Kiss Kiss Proof set (but I broke the pencil so I just ran with the liquid lipstick), which I also tried.
It is your typical long wear - totally stays on, kiss proof, dry, matte. Very good.
BUT these Winky Lux balms. They give me life.


In the Bag:

First tube, totally clear is The Flower Balm- is soooooo smooth. I love the feeling. This balm stain applies on clear then reacts with your skin's pH levels, uniquely creating the perfect shade of pink lips just for you. Each Flower Balm contains a real chrysanthemum in the color of your choice. 
Bonus: It reminds me of Bill Murray's bowling ball in King Pin. 

The middle is the 24K Gold Glitter Balm - turns a very light pink on me and also LOVE the way it shimmers. Sometimes glitter can be chunky and feel "off" but not this! And it gives a subtle glow to your look. Check out this video of it being applied : 

The Glimmer Balm Jelly Lipstick - Applies on clear reacting with your skin's pH levels to create your perfect shade of pink infused with a touch of galactic holographic glimmer to don the lips of all you beautiful unicorns.

This product when combined with the liquid lipstick stays on quite a while, and definitely helps with the dryness, warned that the long-wear is no longer kiss-proof. It WILL come off. BUT there is no feathering, lips feel nice and you get to add a tiny bit of glitter/ gloss to your matte look while keeping that pout pretty and hydrated.

Thanks for reading, shoot me a comment or questions if you have them! 

My day with Naked Truth Beauty by Kat St. John

Your'e about to read up on all of these products. I put on my face. And I LOVED THEM.

Your'e about to read up on all of these products. I put on my face. And I LOVED THEM.

Last week (If you follow me on instagram - @ms.kitten) you probably saw that I was on Vashon Island for the day. While I do LOVE Vashon Island, I was not there for the day to have "fun", although I did have alot of it. There was a teensy bit of work, (I fit in some shopping too at Herban Bloom, my FAV place to get Paddywax + other local treats) and wonderful talks with Lauren - my client for the day from Naked Truth Beauty! 

Holy moly, this lady is a WEALTH of information, and talking product with her is just fascinating. I love her dedication to eco friendly packaging, and making a solid product that is natural and appeals to the masses. 

I had the honor of using / testing out her products for our shoot, and I CANNOT wait to see the images. One bonus to collaborating with awesome makers is getting a few things to try out on your own! Of course, I promptly went home and thought hard about how I was going to showcase this product. The best way? Photos. 


Look how darling this packaging is! I managed to stare at them for a few minutes (ok more like almost an hour) trying to figure out how to describe them. Instead, I snagged this description from her website since there is a whole section about it!! 

ALL of our product packaging - from padded envelopes to stickers - is recyclable, biodegradable, compostable, or all of the above!

Product tubes are made of 100% paperboard that is renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable – and made in the USA.

As a consumer, I appreciate the feeling of not contributing to so much waste. Each of these came with really neat instructions that I appreciated so much. 

Pro tip : Most cremes, eyeliners, or anything that will melt, will become hard when it is cold. I found that with these cremes, I scoop a little bit, smear it on the back of my hand and work it until it because smooth and easy to blend. 

Pro tip: Most cremes, eyeliners, or anything that will melt, will become hard when it is cold. I found that with these cremes, I scoop a little bit, smear it on the back of my hand and work it until it because smooth and easy to blend. 

When choosing what to bring home to try, it was so hard. Do I make the decision based on what I would want to try? Do I want to try EVERYTHING and do an "Unconventional" post about how to use products in other ways? Nah. I just picked what I thought was the prettiest and most versatile and I was not disappointed


I am going to start with eyes, because that is the the process in which I do makeup for myself and on all of my clients. 


Bend & Snap






Such a beautiful wash of rose gold on
your lid. Subtle and glowy.

To Purchase: Follow this link.

















A PERFECT contour for the lid,
Smoky eye or even pop some
under your cheekbones for some
facial contour. (I may or may
not have done this....)

To purchase Megara: Follow this Link.

NEXT ARE MY TWO FAV THINGS IN THE WORLD! Highlighter AND Multi-use products. 
Ok so, heres the thing. We all want to be beautiful, but product costs can add up. And I feel that it is kind of unnecessary to always buy ONE thing PER function. Like, we can get a little more creative with our looks on top of being conscious of the waste we create and saving space. Right?


Arwen is the Bomb












Arwen is what every person who loves highlighter LIVES FOR!! #Gimmethatdew

Creamy, light, and versatile! You can seriously put this everywhere on your face. It is light, transparent and shimmery (dewy) without flecking AKA Visual Glitter. I popped this on the bridge of my nose, brow bone, all up and down my cheek bones, chin and on the top of my lip. So,ummmmmm basically everywhere that caught light. My husband came in from a long day of work and said "Man, your skin looks amazing right now". YEP it did! And all thanks to ARWEN! 

To purchase Arwen: Follow this Link.

















I loved Lumos for the same reasons I loved Arwen. However, you do get a golden glow from this product, and it is good for almost ALL skin tones. This is something for a new mom, or person-on-the-move who wants to make their face look fresh, warm and clean. Love Love Love the pigment, not too heavy and not too light. Perfect golden glow.

To Purchase Lumos: Follow this Link.

Last but NOT least were the Lip & Cheek tubes. Now, these happen to be my absolute favorite thing from NTB and I will tell you why. 1. Versitility (duh) 2. They are creme blushes AAAAAAND they're amazing for lips. BUT thats isnt the only reason I am excited, I contoured with these bad boys on my OWN face. Heres the thing though. I was having a really bad hair day, I really dont like taking selfies of myself and by the end of the 8 hour day photographing product, applying it on my face and making notes....I was toast. BUT I did want to shout from the mountain tops about this and give some pointers on how to use this even MORE than just lip and cheek because I love to play with product. Even more when it is a creme!


After I applied gobs and gobs of highlighter to my face (Yeah, I like dewy skin......what?) I finished off with Carrie on my cheek bones. Carrie is a beautiful deep red, that comes out a beautiful wash of dark pink. I first applied this to my hand and really worked it. Then located the apple of my cheek, and blended down. This creates your "Natural Flush" rather than a streak going up to your temple. (Thanks 80's trends! But I think we can do without your makeup looks for life.)

After applying the carrie to the apples of my cheeks, I liberally applied Beauregarde to the lower cheek bones to contour and blended UPWARD. NOT towards my mouth. Make sure your colors connect and blend. I am a firm believer in contouring with blush when you can! I am very fair, and most times bronzer and other countour palettes just come out looking muddy on me, not to mention super obvious. I am ALL about natural beauty and enhancing what you have. Not everyone does well with browns on their face. 

If you are fair, THIS is your combo!!

I finished my look with Carrie on my lips, because Sex & the City. HUGE FAN. 

Thank you for reading, go give my girl Lauren some love on her instagram! To see her whole line of products (she does MORE than makeup) - go to her website!






Masks for days. by Kat St. John


During our monthly podcast - Beauty Tips and Bullshit, I mentioned how much I love masks. And that I would be doing a blog. Well, here it is - two weeks later! IF you didn't catch us, then get on it! We have so many tips and tricks, product reviews and stories to share with you. Click on the Link to give it a listen! I promise, we are getting better. 

So, during this blog I am going to try and narrow down my list, in the last two months I have tried NINE different masks. I love all of them for different reasons, but I will list my four absolute favorites (in no particular order).

The first one I want to talk about is the Kiehl's Ultra facial overnight Hydrating Masque! Only because I JUST took a nice long bath and thought it was time to use this stuff, sit down and blog. Inspiration, if you will. 

To use this product, you literally just slather it on your face and then go to bed. I like to bring it down my neck and onto my chest for a little extra love in those areas. 

It is a little slimy, and then sticky at times but I have to say.....when I wake up in the morning, my skin feels like it is plump again. As though I had absolutely NO moisture in my skin before putting this on. You can FEEL the difference, and that means more to me than anything, I hate massive texture on my skin. My face is depressingly dry and it can get really scaly.

A+ for this easy to use product!


Easy Peasy.

Slather on face, and go to bed. No Brainer.

OK, so another thing you might have heard me mention on the podcast are these masks that Anne got me when she was traveling. Saborino Mezama Sheets. One of my favorites I EVER tried was this mask. When you read the packaging for the instructions it's a little......uh.......interesting. BUT they did have a photo diagram showing you how to apply it. Put 2 + 2 together, you get it.


The package above comes with five sheet masks and is resealable. Or you can get a larger pack that dispenses them for just a tad more money. I would definitely get the larger pack, and I'll tell you why. 

1.  These are gentle enough to use daily. Why not? Love the skin you are in.
2.  The effect is a light tingle with a nice cooling & brightening effect. It's a great pick me up in the morning, even if you skip your shower and is GREAT to use before applying your makeup. Good Skin Prep = Good Makeup. A nice addition to your daily routine. 

Next up is Dr. Jart - Pore Minimalist! I 100% LOVE their masks. They make a really great pore minimizing strip too but my personal favorite is the Pore Minimalist! You may have seen my blog about pore strips earlier. Like I mentioned before, I have lunar craters in my face (ok not really but they're super big pores) and anything that can help reduce them, I will gladly try. This mask definitely helped with minimizing the pores but not only that, it helped smooth the texture of my face.


Def. Fav.

Got huge pores?

Last but not least - TONYMOLY I'm Real Pearl Luminating Mask !

I swear this made my skin look like it was shimmering almost. Or maybe its just because I loved the idea of having pearl finish on my skin? It felt so good, and you know what? It is a really inexpensive treat. Give yourself an excuse to write in your journal, take a long bath, put up your feet and read a book. Hell, go try ALL of them! You're worth it.