Wedding Day Prep Podcast! / by Kat St. John

A week ago the ladies from Ring to Veil had us out for a podcast about our favorite subjects, beauty products and planning! 

My friend Anne Timss and I work closely together often, so naturally we share common interests and carry a lot of the same beauty products in our kits. Part of the beauty of being friends with makeup artists is that we are constantly on the hunt for new products and always learning from one another. Of course, being makeup junkies, we enable one another. You know what that means.....$$$$$

It is always so much fun talking about trends, practicing new techniques and bouncing ideas off one another (which you will hear us do from time to time). We talk a lot about Seattle and the type of clients that I tend to book. Obviously, the Minimalist brides, Classic Brides, etc with my background in headshot makeup. Anne goes over her favorite products, tips and tricks. You'll also notice how different our styles are (she gets the fun, glam gals). Pro tip: Definitely something to consider when choosing your makeup artist. 

If you have a few minutes, take a moment to hear about how we plan trial runs, help you achieve your day-of beauty goals, Lashes, Skin Prep.....ALL OF THE THINGS.

Remember, make sure you are doing your research! Avoid DIY facials with kitchen products on your face, etc. If you are interested in hearing about how to make your wedding day beauty effortless.....Take a listen!