Intimate Weddings and Why I love them. / by Kat St. John

Summer of 2017 will be the year of intimate weddings.

Destinations that take us to small islands we have never heard of (in this case, Shaw Island). Witnessing small groups of people who come together, lend a hand and genuinely just want to share their day with the ones they love the most. For a lot of makeup artists; of course we love those big bridal parties, robes, champagne, hustle and bustle - I do too! But when you spend the morning in a quiet setting, in a family home on the water surrounded by such warm energy, you take that with you. 

Christina was one of my most favorite brides to style this year, I could literally feel the love that day. When I saw this, that day rushed back through my memory. The smell of the water, the warmth, sweet love and energy from everyone who helped. Watch this video - you'll see what I mean.